WW1 was the bloodiest conflict of all times. When you look at the more than 500 war cemeteries in the zone of Ypres, in Belgium, you can not avoid to feel a shiver in your spine. English literature was enriched with dozens of poets, that fought in the Continent. Many of these lost their lives in the battlefield.

On this site,  those poets are referred:

Rupert Brooke  (1887 1915)

Robert Graves (1895 1985)

John McCrae (1872 1918)

Wilfred Owen (1893 1918)

Isaac Rosenberg (1890 1918)

Siegfried Sassoon (1886 1967)

Edward Thomas (1878 1917)  


Then, you can find more WW1 poems in many sites in the Internet, for an example those:

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